Pricing - Short & Sweet.

Website Builds

Websites are billed per page with a one time SEO/domain redirect fee. Please contact us for these rates to help you get an idea of what your site would run.


Hosting. Hosting varies based on the need/hosting provider and is charged annually. Hosting refers to the computer that all of your website data sits on. On average, our clients pay about $155 annually for hosting without eCommerce.


If you don't have a domain for your business, we will procure one for you. A domain is the website address of your business. There is an annual fee for domain names, and they are generally very small fees.

For the integrity of your site, Warweb Designs, LLC requires that domains and hosting be with us.

So, how is this billed?

Once we've got a good vision for your site, we will issue an estimate. If the estimate is agreed upon, you'll have the choice of paying 100% or 50% of the estimate before work begins. Once the first draft of the site is delivered, if the 50% option was chosen, the remainder of the estimate is due at that time.

Sometimes . . .

 . . . life happens, and a build can be paused for long periods of time due to life being too busy! This only happens if the client of Warweb Designs states as such. If the build is paused for more than 30 days, the remainder of the estimate will be billed on the 31st day.

We are unable to offer our services for in kind trade. Please give us a call for our per page rates and any other pricing for the specialized programming of your site.